Łukasz Wysocki



What do I do? The basis of my day is verifying the correct operation of a product. As an automated software tester, I analyze test requirements and develop scenarios for testing. I strive to detect possible bugs in the code and test the functionality of the project under all conditions. All this is done to ensure the highest quality of the software.

QA Engineer.


Gathered experience in working in SCRUM methodology allows me to develop software in a flexible, scalable and maximally efficient way. Among others, I use technologies such as Cypress with JavaScript and TypeScript, Postman or Python with Selenium.



Number of test cases


  • ✔️ I create comprehensive, efficient software test plans and test cases test cases.
  • ✔️ I thoroughly analyze prepared scenarios and traced bugs. I pay attention to details and I get to the root of the problem, thus preventing it from recurring in the future.
  • ✔️ I monitor and report software bugs. I concisely and clearly present the the errors noticed, their severity and urgency.
  • ✔️ I conduct E2E (End to End) tests that mimic the user of the application and allow me to learn as much as possible about his needs and the problems encountered
  • ✔️ I am proficient in agile programming, and test automation tests have no secrets from me

Cypress 90%
JavaScript & TypeScript 80%
Cucumber 100%
Selenium 80%
Python 80%
Drupal 60%


Professional Experience

QA Engineer

11.2023 - Present

Santander Bank Polska, Poland

  • Spiecialize in API testing
  • Developed and maintained CI/CD pipelines using Jenkins.
  • Planning and executing both manual and automated tests using Cypress.
  • Maintained legacy test suites and developed new test cases and reports.
  • Identified and resolved software issues to improve performance and reliability.

QA Engineer

07.2022 - 11.2023

Mangetic Point, Szczecin, Poland / FFW

  • Drupal based projects.
  • Generating and maintaining test cases, test scenarios and preparing comprehensive test reports.
  • Planning and executing both manual and automated tests using Python and Selenium.
  • Performing visual regression and accesibility testing to AA level standards.
  • Proven track record of delivering high-quality products and contributing to the success of the projects.

QA Engineer & Data Specialist

12.2021 - 07.2022

Grupa IT, Szczecin, Poland

  • Drupal based projects.
  • Planning and executing both manual and automated tests using Python and Selenium.
  • Preparing of test visual test reports.
  • Creating datamodels in accordance with customer requiremenets.
  • Management of data that is exposed on various endpoints corresponding to the client needs.


Computer Science and IT Engineer

2018 - 2022

West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin

I graduated with good+ grade. During studies, I have acquired a strong foundation in various aspects of IT such as programming, algorithms, data structures, databases, software engineering, computer networks, and operating systems. I have also had the opportunity to work on several projects that have allowed me to apply my theoretical knowledge to practical solutions. The result of my thesis was desktop app created with Python and PyQT that automates downloading and saving local raster and metadata from WMS geoinformatics services.

Personal project



GitHub Repository

End-to-end testing framework that utilizes Cucumber for writing test scenarios in a human-readable language. Test results are reported using the mochawesome reporter, which generates detailed and visually appealing reports. The project also includes pre-defined steps, which are reusable building blocks that can be used to create new test scenarios. Browserstack integration allows the tests to be run on a variety of different browsers and operating systems, ensuring maximum compatibility. Additionally, the project includes sitemap testing, which verifies that all pages on the website are accessible, and visual and lighthouse testing, which checks the website's visual design and performance.


Python automation testing

I develop automated test cases with Python, pyTest, and Selenium. Every case is written in Gherkin which is readable for everyone.

Cypress automation testing

I develop automated test cases with Cypress using JavaScript or TypeScript and Cucumber.

Test cases & test scenarios

I prepare manual and automated test cases and test scanarios that are used in test runs.

Test reports

I prepare comprehensive test reports that are ready to be shared with clients.

Various types of testing

I perform various testing, including E2E, accesibility, regression, white and black box testing.

Software Development Life Cycle

As an experienced QA Engineer I am familiar with SDLC, Agile and Scrum methodology.



Szczecin, Poland